Purchasing Division
Processes bids and requests for proposals. Secures fair and open competition so that responsible bidders are given the opportunity to compete for the City's business;
Maintains a vendor list for bid and RFP processing;
Auctions City surplus items;
Educates / Trains local vendors for City bidding processes and state opportunities.

Fleet Services Division
Fleet Services Department performs repairs and preventive maintenance on all cars, trucks, and equipment. An estimated monthly repairs provide average 850 work hours. Responsible for ordering, maintaining and account of parts inventory stock, which is used in a daily routine for any, given repair or preventive maintenance. A monthly estimate of $95,000.00 is maintained and provides the user departments, which provides management fleet maintenance information.
We are responsible for vehicle maintenance and re-fueling to the city's user departments. Fleet services labor rate, which is very competitive and offers tremendous preventive maintenance schedules. The low rates build a customer service atmosphere within our user departments for the city. We offer training and encourage our technicians to utilize the diagnostic equipment, certifications and various preventive maintenance programs.

Facility Maintenance Division
Facilities maintenance is responsible maintenance on City buildings and structures. These responsibilities include: Control of the consolidated maintenance budget, facilitate maintenance accounts for KCCC, Water & Sewer, Solid Waste, Pest Control, Alarm Monitoring, and Elevator maintenance.
Facilities maintenance exhibits technical expertise in HVAC, carpentry, painting, general maintenance tasks, and contract administration.
Core processes include emergency response, daily maintenance, preventative maintenance, capitol improvement projects, and special projects.

Custodial Services Division
Custodial Services is responsible for the regular cleaning and sanitizing of the many City facilities. Custodial Services provides periodic floor scrubbing and waxing, windows cleaning, and carpet shampoo to the key City facilities. Custodial Services also replenishes all the sanitary supplies.

Printing Services Division
Printing Services is responsible for all printing to 44 departments in the city to include City Manager, Purchasing, Police, Fire, Solid Waste, Utility Collections, Library, Killeen Civic & Conference Center and many more. The Print Shop provides quality printing in a timely manner at a cost effective price saving to our tax payers.